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Chennai – 600 086.

Spreading roots worldwide, TTK Healthcare’s products are now sought after in the overseas market too. There is an increasing demand for the company’s products in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, etc.
Demand for Ready to fry food pellets has shown an upward trend, especially from Middle East markets. Herbal pharmaceuticals e.g. Arthrid & Virilex tablets are finding positive acceptance in Malaysia, Indonesia & Myanmar. TTK Chitra Heart Valves & Hernia Repair Mesh have been successfully implanted in Kenya, South Africa, Bangladesh, Srilanka & Nepal.

At TTK Healthcare Limited, our Human Resources are our prime assets. We believe that our employees are our partners in success, helping to fulfill our vision. We, therefore, attribute our success and competitive edge to the team we have been able to build and nurture. Our Human Capital, therefore, forms the core of our success. As a fast growing company expanding its operations, we offer great career opportunities based on meritocracy to advance careers.

Area Manager
Job Description:
1.Title of the job: Area Manager
2.Department: Sales
3.Reporting to: R M / R E / D M
4.No.of Reportees:
5.Job responsibilities:

  • To be totally responsible for the respective area of operation
  • To identify Doctors/Stockists/Chemists for each MSR/VSR in the area
  • Continuously monitor field activity of MSRs/VSRs closely
  • Fully responsible for ground work for launch of New Products
  • Key person in the field
  • Motivate the MSR/VSR
  • To work with MSR/VSR in the field
  • To visit key Doctors in absence of MSR/VSR
  • Any other works associated with the position

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Pharma jobs in TTK Healthcare, Chennai

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