Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.
8-2-337, Road No. 3,
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Telangana 500034, INDIA

Ask any of the 20,000 employees at Dr. Reddy’s why they come to work every day, and you are bound to hear, because ‘Good Health Can’t Wait.’ These simple words describe the deep-rooted belief that drives us. Sometimes, the simplest words describe the most profound truths. ‘Good Health’ is always our goal. We see medicines not just as molecules, but as means to help patients regain their health. As a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, we realize our unique role; we have the ethical and moral imperative to ensure good health can be delivered to those who need it, and to promote wellness among them. ‘Can’t Wait’ reflects our commitment to act with speed to find innovative solutions that address the unmet needs of patients, and to accelerate access to much-needed medicines for people around the world. Our belief is guided by our principles – Empathy and Dynamism – which provide both guidance for our current behaviour and inspiration for our future actions.

Scientist, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Dr. K Anji Reddy’s passion for drug discovery and his pioneering contributions to making medicines affordable are legendary.Born in Tadepalli in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, India, in a well to do farming family, he grew up watching his father make herbal pills that he distributed free. Little did he realize the prophetic significance of what he saw.

Featured Stories:
At Dr. Reddy’s, Good Health Can’t Wait is not just a slogan. But, a belief that guides our thoughts, our behaviour and our actions. Over our three-decade-long history, there are a number of initiatives that we’ve taken – from product development to patient management to helping doctors and partners deliver good health to patients. Some of these were life-changing, for the patients. Like creating affordable options of complex, difficult-to-make medicines. Others, while seemingly small steps, promised to create a more robust healthcare ecosystem, geared to bringing good health to millions around the world. Each of these featured stories though, demonstrates our commitment to our belief: Good Health Can’t Wait.

Our patient-centric approach extends to our quality policy as well. Our focus on quality helps ensure product safety and efficacy, regardless of the drug form. This is only possible with an extremely high degree of teamwork throughout the company—with a common goal of quality.We establish uniform standards for all products, regardless of geography. At Dr. Reddy’s, we believe meeting pharmacopeia requirements is minimum standard. Our policy of continuous process and product improvement drives us to work toward exceeding these minimum standards.Consistency is rarely an accident. Rather, it is the result of a well-concieved, rigorously implemented Quality Monitoring System (QMS). Our QMS focuses on continual improvement aimed at optimizing processes and eliminating non-value-adding efforts in production. These efforts are primarily directed towards reducing variability in process and product quality characteristics.

Therapeutic Focus:
Understanding patient and partner needs deeply and then developing products to meet those needs is central to our purpose. Over the last three decades, we have transformed our company—from a maker of Active Ingredients to a global, patient-centric company with a global footprint in over 20 countries. We have successfully developed and marketed range of products, many of which are leaders in their respective markets.

Cancer is a disease that requires specialized treatment and care at every stage. Having understood patient and partner needs deeply, we have developed a broad range of high-quality cancer care medications. Across the spectrum of cytotoxics, targeted therapies and supportive care, our range is designed to effectively combat cancer and the side effects associated with the therapy.Oncology is also the field where we’ve successfully demonstrated our cutting-edge research and development capabilities. Among our numerous achievements is the development of the world’s first recombinant human GCSF bio similar protein, the world’s first bio-similar therapeutic monoclonal antibody and the single source pegfilgrastim.

Heartburn is a common symptom of Gastroesophageal reflux disease, a widespread gastrointestinal disorder that is becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide. Dr Reddy’s has developed a broad portfolio of acid suppressive medications to address this widely prevalent and debilitating disease. Our portfolio consists of some of the leading brands, including our flagship brand OMEZ. In addition, Dr. Reddy’s has a varied portfolio that addresses various other gastrointestinal disorders such as irritable bowel, diarrhea and constipation, both in adults and children. We have recently ventured into Hepatology segment to address the patient needs of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, providing affordable medications to more people.

In keeping with our mission, generic medicines form the largest part of the Dr. Reddy’s product offering. Our strength in the generics business is a direct result of our research expertise and development capabilities in this field. What makes our Generics R&D operation distinctive is a unique combination of the depth and breath of capabilities, coupled with world-class infrastructure, sustainable partnerships and a robust product portfolio.Our R&D philosophy for Generics has evolved along multiple dimensions – from simple, oral solid-based products to complex OSDs, injectable and dermatological products; from simple chemistry to semi-synthetic APIs, Chirals, Prostaglandins, Peptides and nano-particle based products; from established processes to advanced particle engineering solutions and complex scale-ups.

Re-investing a major part of our earnings in the research and development has helped us grow steadily. These investments have led us to build strong R&D capabilities not just in India, but worldwide. While our product development centers in Hyderabad and Bangalore carry out a large part of our research and development, they are complemented by centers across the USA, UK and the Netherlands.Generics is our largest business, and our R&D capabilities within Generics are as distinctive. We have strong capabilities within the more complex pharmaceutical ingredients – novel crystalline and amorphous forms, semi-synthetic APIs, chirals, prostaglandins, peptides, carbohydrates and nano-particle based products. Our analytical capabilities too, match up to the complexity of these APIs. We’re able to handle advanced physico-chemical and biological characterization such as particle morphology, sequencing, secondary and tertiary structures with ease. Advanced particle engineering solutions and complex scale-ups (such as, those using microsphere and liposomal technologies) allow us to ultimately create complex products or dosage forms that require differentiated go-to-market strategies.

Dr. Reddy’s is among the few companies in India that publish the Sustainability Report as per Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. In fact, we were the first Indian pharmaceutical company to be registered under GRI database. We published our first Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Report in 2001, and have been regularly publishing our Sustainability Reports since 2004. These reports provide detailed account of our economic performance, environment footprint and social responsibility.

Healthcare Professionals:
Being patient centric means listening to patients and anticipating their needs, which are often left unsaid. Being empathetic to patients’ psychological and emotional needs goes a long way toward helping patients better manage their condition.Dr. Reddy’s Foundation for Health and Education provides a number of soft-skills programs for healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and support staff to sensitize them to the patients’ emotional needs. This translates into a better patient experience and ultimately, to better patient outcomes.FOR DOCTORSS of skills program for doctors Communication is the cornerstone of modern medicine, where understanding and context- driven consultation lead the way toward improved patient experience. Communication builds relationships; relationships breed trust which delivers security in the patient’s mind. This program develops doctors’ communication skills, helping them deliver compassionate patient care. It covers interpersonal skills, empathy, the importance of listening, and the art of breaking bad news.Similarly, Dr. Reddy’s also runs programs for senior doctors to help them manage patients by with Emotional Intelligence and Transactional Analysis.

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