Corporate Headquarters
20th KM, Hosur Road,
Electronic City,
Bangalore, India-560 100

Biocon, India’s largest biotech company is focused on delivering affordable innovation. It is committed to reduce therapy costs of chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and autoimmune diseases by leveraging India’s cost advantage bioconto deliver affordable healthcare solutions to patients, partners and healthcare systems across the globe. Biocon’s key innovations include an indigenous recombinant human insulin based on proprietary fermentation technology, INSUGEN®, insulin analogue Glargine, BASALOG® and India’s first indigenously produced monoclonal antibody BioMAb-EGFR®, for head & neck cancer. INSUPen® is a next generation affordable insulin delivery device introduced in India by Biocon. Its aspiration to become a US $ 1 billion company by FY 18 is fuelled by five powerful growth accelerators, Small Molecules, Biosimilars, Branded Formulations, Novel Molecules, and Research Services with a focus on emerging markets. Over the decades, Biocon has successfully evolved into an emerging global biopharma enterprise, serving its partners and customers in over 100 countries.

Corporate Social Responsibility at Biocon:

  • Biocon’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, started in 2004, are based on the principle of making enduring impact through programs that promote social and economic inclusion.
  • At Biocon, CSR has been an integral part of our business since inception. The Company is committed to innovation, affordability and access to healthcare. In line with this commitment and as a socially responsible organization, Biocon has, over the last 10 years, invested significantly in various CSR programs aimed at making a difference to the lives of marginalized communities.

Our CSR Vision:

  • To promote social and economic inclusion by ensuring that marginalized communities have equal access to healthcare services, educational opportunities, and rural development.
  • To create a globally competitive Biotech ecosystem in India through skill development.
  • To bridge the gap of gender disparity in education, healthcare and employment.
  • To create a platform for promoting the rich Art & Culture of the country and sensitizing the communities to appreciate fine arts.

Our Philosophy:biocon 1

  • As a socially responsible corporate, Biocon acknowledges its responsibility towards the environment, its consumers, employees, and other stakeholders.
  • Biocon aims to fund pilot projects in the areas of healthcare and education to demonstrate their viability before being scaled up by the government at the state level. Biocon believes that in order to make meaningful impact, we need to partner with the government and like-minded organizations. Accordingly, we are engaged in several public-private partnership (PPP) projects aimed at effectively and transparently implementing welfare schemes for marginalized communities.

Evidence shows that too often children leave school without acquiring the basic knowledge and skills they need to lead productive healthy lives and for attaining sustainable livelihoods. (Excerpt from Learning Metrics Task Force Report – UNICEF). Critical gaps in learning include language and numeracy skills.

About The Program:
Biocon Foundation tries to plug the gap in math education through the Chinnara Ganitha Math workbook. This workbook tries to approach math through activities and games, and it tries to inculcate self-reliance in the children. From 2006, Biocon Foundation has distributed these workbooks to children in government schools in Karnataka. These children are the most underserved and they learn under very challenging conditions.

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