Roche to acquire Flatiron Health

Roche has announced it aquiring healthcare tech and services company Flatiron Health to accelerate the development and delivery of breakthrough cancer medicines.

Flatiron Health, backed by Alphabet, is a market leader in oncology-specific electronic health record (EHR) software, as well as the curation and development of real-world evidence for cancer research.

The company has worked with industry leaders and regulators to develop new approaches for how real-world evidence may be used in regulatory decision making, including the design and validation of novel endpoints.

This is an important step in our personalised healthcare strategy for Roche, said Daniel O’Day, Roche’s CEO, as we believe that regulatory-grade real-world evidence is a key ingredient to accelerate the development of,and access to,new cancer treatments.

A key principle of this is to preserve Flatiron’s autonomy and their ability to continue providing their services to all existing and future partners.

Roche initially invested $175 million in the company in 2016, with the aim of harnessing its underutilised data collected from cancer patients.

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